Joseph 2.0.0

I have a job! 2017-04-02 I'm so happy to be gainfully employed at CARFAX. I work on the myCarfax team with 6 other people currently: Jesse, »

Joseph 1.7.1

2017-02-10 This site is almost a year old! I celebrated by changing the colors... again. I'm not good with colors. My former roommate and good friend, »

Joseph v1.7.01

2016-11-06 Had homemade Samosa(s) with Anup, Xiaoxiao, and Zack. It took a very long time to make, but it was pretty much worth it. Thanks »

Joseph 1.7.00

2016-11-01 Alright, it's been a while. I'm once again sitting at Shakes having a bourbon and coke with a TODO list. Organize. Code. Sit up straight. »

Joseph v1.6.88

2016-06-10 It's 11:27p and I'm at Shakes drinking a beer and using the internet to work on my website. My internet has been down because »