Joseph Weidinger
Full-Stack Developer - Interviewer - Composer - Musician




  • Java / Groovy
  • Javascript / ES6 / Typescript
  • HTML / CSS
  • Python
  • Lua / AutoHotkey

Frameworks / Libraries

  • Spring MVC
  • Grails
  • Angular 2
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • React
  • Ghost


  • Git
  • IntelliJ, Sublime, VS Code
  • Grunt
  • Angular CLI
  • Yeoman
  • Webpack
  • Mac / Windows


  • Nginx
  • Tomcat
  • Digital Ocean / Linux


  • MySQL
  • Firebase

Audio/Visual Dev Tools

  • Processing / P5js
  • SuperCollider
  • Flockingjs
  • WaveSurfer
  • Web Audio API


I interview local business owners, artists, professors, and overall interesting people at Shakespeares Downtown. I come prepared with a bunch of questions for them (a mix of my own and Gerry Fialka's), bring some nice recording equipment, and make them the pizza of their dreams. We talk for 60-90 minutes (ideally) about their life and work. Or life-work. Or work-life. Whichever. It's an interview series. Maybe more like a podcast. Or Charlie Rose meets Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. (Profound and Provocative People eating Pizza???) There's not really a stinkin' point to all of this. It's a passion project for me. I want to tap in to people I find very interesting and let others have a listen if they wish. So that's that.

Original Music





"Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be a computer program!"

It's a blog done in the rough format of a changelog.txt. It's experimental. The I-feel-like-everything-I-do-is-worthless-sometimes-but-if-I-write-it-down-it-will-seem-more-important approach. If it works, I won't need to see a psychologist... or a psychiatrist. Application: "Joseph v1.6.78 beta" One day, I'll be ready for full release.


Former Pizza Maker Extraordinaire at Shakespeare's Downtown. Presently a software developer creatively engineering solutions to my own problems in the form of open source web apps using any exciting new or old technology I can get my hands on and head wrapped around. Also: church organist / pianist; music engraver; self-described efficiency fanatic; Joel Salatin

wannabe; interviewer of awesome people; host of jams, salons, new music reading, recording sessions, and other events where I overwhelm people with homemade pizza, smoothies, soups, and sourdough bread; Gerry Fialka clone; music composer and songwriter wannabe; backyard chicken enthusiast; boring uncle; and class clown in the school of hard knocks.


This is an experiment with color schemes.