Joseph Weidinger
Full-Stack Developer - Interviewer - Composer - Musician




  • Java / Groovy
  • Javascript / ES6 / Typescript
  • HTML / CSS
  • Python
  • Lua / AutoHotkey

Frameworks / Libraries

  • Spring MVC
  • Grails
  • Angular 2
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • React
  • Ghost


  • Git
  • IntelliJ, Sublime, VS Code
  • Grunt
  • Angular CLI
  • Yeoman
  • Webpack
  • Mac / Windows


  • Nginx
  • Tomcat
  • Digital Ocean / Linux


  • MySQL
  • Firebase

Audio/Visual Dev Tools

  • Processing / P5js
  • SuperCollider
  • Flockingjs
  • WaveSurfer
  • Web Audio API


I interview local business owners, artists, professors, and overall interesting people at Shakespeares Downtown. I come prepared with a bunch of questions for them (a mix of my own and Gerry Fialka's), bring some nice recording equipment, and make them the pizza of their dreams. We talk for 60-90 minutes (ideally) about their life and work. Or life-work. Or work-life. Whichever. It's an interview series. Maybe more like a podcast. Or Charlie Rose meets Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. (Profound and Provocative People eating Pizza???) There's not really a stinkin' point to all of this. It's a passion project for me. I want to tap in to people I find very interesting and let others have a listen if they wish. So that's that.

Original Music





"Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be a computer program!"

It's a blog done in the rough format of a changelog.txt. It's experimental. The I-feel-like-everything-I-do-is-worthless-sometimes-but-if-I-write-it-down-it-will-seem-more-important approach. If it works, I won't need to see a psychologist... or a psychiatrist. Application: "Joseph v1.6.78 beta" One day, I'll be ready for full release.


Coder monkey at Carfax and independent software developer creatively engineering solutions to my own problems in the form of open source web apps using any exciting new or old technology I can get my hands on and head wrapped around. Former Pizza Maker Extraordinaire at Shakespeare's Downtown. Also: church organist / pianist; music engraver; self-described

efficiency fanatic; Joel Salatin wannabe; interviewer of awesome people; host of jams, salons, new music reading, recording sessions, and other events where I overwhelm people with homemade pizza, smoothies, soups, and sourdough bread; Gerry Fialka clone; music composer and songwriter wannabe; backyard chicken enthusiast; boring uncle; and class clown in the school of hard knocks.


This is an experiment with color schemes.